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Deacon Wards

Deacon Wards

Dea. Aubrey Tucker

Deacon Aubrey Tucker

Areas beyond Business I-85 to I-26W to Hwy 9 and Inman

Dea. Mack Sawyer

Deacon Mack Sawyer

Joining at 221 & Hwy 9 and Boiling Springs Area

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Deacon Tommy Richardson

St. John Street Area to E. Main to Cowpens and Hwy 221 to Chesnee

Dea. Richard Wheeler

Deacon Richard Wheeler

All areas of S. Converse St., Barksdale Blvd, Union St. to Duncan Park Drive

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Duncan Park Dr., Collins Ave. all Duncan Park to Maxwell Hill

Dea. Robert Means

Deacon Robert Means

Caulder Ave, to Forest Park Area, Union St. to Union County

Dea. Ben McCollum

Deacon Ben McCollum

S. Liberty, S. Church, Phyllis Goins, Arkwright, Crescent, Park Hills to Reidville Rd and Hampton Heights

Dea. Sam Sojourner

Deacon Sam Sojourner

Summer Hill, Pineview, Wofford St. College Park Areas

Dea. Rusher Foster

Deacon Rusher Foster

Reidville Rd, Park Hills, Chester St. to W. Main Street and Airport Community

Dea. Robert Watson

Deacon Robert Watson

Reidville Rd, Woodland Hts, and Camelot to Hwy 29

Dea. Albert Smith

Deacon Albert Smith

Twin Lakes to 290, Reidville Rd and Woodruff Area

Dea. James Lucas

Deacon James Lucas

Blackstock Rd areas, Anderson Mill Rd., and Oak Forest Area to 221 and Roebuck

Dea. Barry Dendy

Hwy. 29 including Woodridge and Hawk Creek Areas, and Shoresbrook to Greer. Hayne Street Area to left side of New Cut Rd (leaving Sptbg.), Farely Ave Area, Howard Street, California Avenue.

Dea. Melvin Gooden

Deacon Melvin Gooden

W. O Ezell Blvd @Burger King to Wadsworth, Vanderbilt Area, West Gate Plantation

Dea. Bobby Cates, Jr.

Deacon Bobby Cates, Jr.

Jr. Southport Rd., Cannon Rd. Cedar Springs, Carolina Country Club Rd, and Pauline

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Right side of New Cut Rd (leaving Sptbg.), Gibbs Rd., HWY 292, HWY 358, and Lake Cooley

Dea. Leonard Washington

Deacon Leonard Washington

Nursing Home List

Dea.James Williams

Deacon James Williams

Hospital List