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Church Building

Church Building

Vision Statement

Mount Moriah Baptist Church will be the best Christian fellowship for worship, service, outreach, learning and growing for members of all ages.

Mission Statement

The purpose of Mount Moriah Baptist Church of Spartanburg, Inc., a well-organized body of believers in Jesus Christ, is to:
  1. Reach and love everyone through Christian service.
  2. Create an environment of genuine worship for adults, teens and children.
  3. Provide an opportunity for believers to grow in Christ.
  4. Edify the Body of Christ.

Our History

The truth of God's word and the reliance of the Holy Spirit will be our foundation for operation as we meet human and spiritual needs to the end that God is glorified.

As we reflect from the beginning, we picture a brush and grape arbor that stood on the ground which belonged to the late Joseph Young, who at that time owned the entire square of land from Young Street to Caulder Avenue.

In 1863 during the year of the Emancipation Proclamation, there was an effort to organize the Mount Moriah Baptist Church. However, it was not until about 1870 that a more formal organization took place. Joseph Young and about six men established a more formal organization of Mount Moriah Baptist Church. This group led the congregation into constructing the first edifice. Later, the first brick church facility erected by a Negro group in South Carolina was built. This congregation became the first Negro Baptist Church in the city of Spartanburg and was known for a short period of time as the Colored Baptist Church. It later became the Mount Moriah Baptist Church.

The land on which the edifice was built was donated by one of the early founders, Mr. Joseph Young, Sr. This lot was located on the corner of Young Street and South Liberty Street. Young Street was named after the donor of the property. The edifice, built by some of the organizers and others, was used until about the year of 1912, the second edifice for Mount Moriah went under construction. While the new building was under construction, the congregation worshipped in a tent located across the street from the construction site. Because of weather conditions, the congregation began to worship at Lodge Hall on Liberty Street. During the spring of 1914, the basement of the church was completed and the congregation began meeting in the basement of the new edifice. Services were held in the basement until the upper construction was completed. Mr. Lucious Gray, the brother-in-law of Dr. J. W. Sexton, was the contractor.

The first pastors were as follows:

The late Rev. H. V. Moore
The late Rev. Fletcher Mills
The late Rev. J. S. Earle
The late Rev. A. M. Matthews
The late Rev. H. P. Pickett
The late Rev. W. S. Colvin
The late Rev. Joel L. King, Sr.
The late Rev. J. Leon Pridgen
Rev. Benjamin D. Snoddy
Larry T. Crudup (Currently serving)

The first deacons were as follows:

Deacon Joseph Young
Deacon Tony Lipscomb
Deacon Neely Gray
Deacon Reuben Macomson
Deacon Nelson Campbell
Deacon James Marrklin
(As recorded in Book "N. N. of Deeds, Page 350)

Other deacons were added as the church grew. They were:

Deacon Art Martin, Chairman
Deacon William Samuel, Secretary
Deacon Jesse Carter
Deacon Posey Logan
Deacon B. G Liles
Deacon Green Nichols
Deacon (Dr.) J. W. Sexton
Deacon Elvy Shippy
Deacon A. Parks
Deacon G. W. Boling
Deacon A. Martin

Old Church Building

Old Church Building
The first two superintendents of Mount Moriah Baptist Church were Deacon (Dr) J. W. Sexton and Mr. Henry Mayberry followed Deacon Sexton.

The history of Mount Moriah Baptist Church (MMBC) continues as God responds to the prayers of His people. Following the 22 years of service of the late Reverend Doctor J. Leon Pridgen, God called through the congregation of MMBC the Reverend Benjamin D. Snoddy who at the time of the church's call resided in Columbia, SC. The vote for Rev. Benjamin D. Snoddy calling took place after morning worship on the fourth Sunday in September 1975, the vote of those present was unanimous. After much prayer, he accepted the call on the last Sunday in October 1975. His first sermon on the fifth Sunday in November was "Peacemaker or Peacebreaker." The text was selected from Matthew 5: 4. Due to prior commitments, Rev. Snoddy was not able to serve in a full-time capacity until January 1976. Installation Service for the newly elected pastor was held Sunday, February 8th with Dr. J. O. Rich, Dean of Morris College's School of Religion of Sumter, SC and Pastor of St. Paul Baptist Church of Anderson, SC, delivered the morning message. The Reverend Rufus Brown, the Pastor of Greenview First Baptist Church of Columbia, SC, preached the Installation Sermon in the afternoon at 4:00 pm. His subject was the "Ingredients of a Successful Ministry."

In 1977, the congregation of MMBC marched to South Church Street from South Liberty Street to the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony to enter the newly completed Sanctuary and Administration and Classroom building. What a day of rejoicing! A new edifice was needed and God provided.

Three additional tracts of property were purchased for future expansion. The St. Luke Free Medical Clinic was housed on this property in the office and practice building of the late Dr. O. C. Kirkland. After several years of use by the clinic, upon mutual agreement, MMBC and St. Luke discontinued their partnership so that each could expand their services. It was shortly thereafter that MMBC began construction of a 27,500 square foot Chapel and Family Life Center Complex. Currently, this building is used to house the expanded ministries of the church. A 16 station computer lab, game room, arts and craft room, food and clothes bank, a chapel with a 150 seating capacity, a courtyard with a water fountain, and a 45 seating capacity formal boardroom.

Through the leadership of Rev. Snoddy, God has truly blessed His church with spiritual and numerical growth. Many many souls have been led to Christ and many united with MMBC as transfers. A Bible Study was begun with seven students. Today there are about 27 different classes held each week with a total of about 383 students per week. Children's and Teen's Church is held on a regular basis. A Puppet Ministry, Rap with the Pastor, Lock-ins, educational trips and other exciting and learning experiences fulfill the needs of the children. The teens also enjoy participation of the dance group called the Daughters of Praise. There are teen's educational trips, teen's revival, teen's outreach, Youth Day celebration and other ministries to meet their delicate needs. The Praise Team now sets the tone of the worship experience with a high intense period of praise and thanksgiving each Sunday. A vibrant Senior Citizen's Ministry provides opportunity for seniors to come together for learning and fellowship weekly. A Single's Ministry seeks to meet the needs of singles while the FLAME Ministry addresses the unique needs of traditional families. A wide range of ministries are provided for other ages within the congregation.

Under the Health and Wellness Ministry of MMBC, an active living emphasis which is inclusive of the newly established full scale Exercise Room, weekly exercise classes, and a running and walking clubs. MMBC is blessed to have a Congregational Nurse and a Health Cabinet that oversees the health issues of the congregation and the community from a preventive and a management level. There is the MMBC Basketball League designed to target all ages but especially children and teens.

There is a strong emphasis on outreach and evangelism of which is managed through the Evangelism Ministry. Training sessions are held and visits in the community are frequent. This ministry engages the congregation in outreach efforts to make Christ known to the community among unbelievers and church "dropouts."

Once persons are recruited into the church the Christian Education Ministry provides for their spiritual training and nurture. A New Member Visitation Ministry and a New Member Orientation Class is weekly for the purpose of equipping each new member with the knowledge of "what it means to be in God's family."

Old Church Building

Old Church Building
The Stewardship Ministry of MMBC seeks to help congregants to understand that everything we have belongs to God. As His followers we are to manage these treasures of gifts to His glory. Our spiritual gifts, time, material gain, family, health, the church and faith are gifts from God to be used to glorify Him.

Along with the leadership, administrative and management responsibilities, Pastor Snoddy a great deal of time preaching, teaching and training leaders, teachers and the congregation in the ministry of the church.

Under Rev. Snoddy's tenure, twelve sons, two daughters and two adopted daughters have accepted the call to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There have been seven adopted sons in ministry into the church family.

God has moved and continue to show evidence of His presence in the life of the church family. He works through us in ministry to the community and to the membership. We can truly sing - "We've Come This Far By Faith."

On Sunday, February 27, 2022, Mt. Moriah burned the mortgage to symbolize paying off the debt on our Family Life Center.

Rev. Snoddy announced his retirement effective May 1, 2022 after 46 years of faithful leadership. The church is conducting a prayerful search for the next pastor of Mt. Moriah.

In September 2022, Rev. Dr. Larry T. Crudup accepted the call to become Mt. Moriah's 13th pastor.

On May 21, 2023, Mt. Moriah will officially install Rev. Crudup as pastor. (Read More)

On July 23, 2023, Mt. Moriah will celebrate its 160th Church Anniversary. (Read More)